Sea Game 2.0.5 MOD APK (Unlimited Money & Gems)

Developer: tap4fun Android Version:4.1 The Size:73M Current Version:2.0.5
Date:Mar 13, 2021

App Review

Sea Game MOD – Without too much priming, you deserve the chance to explore a trouble-filled and confused setting. The territories here are not quite familiar, but for those expecting something a bit motivating then you must be ready to get down to strategize before you get blown off your feet as there is no much ground to stand on.

Sea Game is a naval-combat rogue-like game in which you spend most of your time piloting ships on the choppy waves of the vast blue world. As a matter of fact, there are only a few islands to explore as most of the continents have been submerged in the Great Flood. For survival, you will need to join forces with other islanders and build a great and formidable coalition against the dark forces of ruling the earth. You aim is to lead your troops to fight against intruders and pirates seeking to capture your domain.

Depending on how you rule your island, there are no better means of survival in the game. You have to be courage to battle your enemy and gain dominance. One of the easiest ways to achieving this is by forming an alliance with competent allies. Now that there are only a few islands remaining, there is an increasing quest for land. Unfortunately, there are no much resources to contain the scramble. You must fight to survive!

  • Use multiple skills to strike down your enemies at any time
  • Boost your skills with increased strategic option and be a super cool hero
  • Engage 17 players in a 9v9 battle and win
  • Get engaged in the heat of the battle with your team

You can dominate the world. As a matter of fact, your victory is at your fingertips. As you fight alongside with millions of players from around the globe, you are bound to win.

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