Developer: MADFINGER Games Android Version:4.1 Current Version:2.10.0
Date:Dec 27, 2018

App Review

SHADOWGUN: DEADZONE MOD – It is quite an understatement to call SHADOWGUN: DeadZone a work in progress. Much has already been admitted by its developer, Madfinger Games on their Facebook page. The game uncovers a roadmap showcasing what subsequent updates released from the studio may achieve in time to come. The game operates more like a proof of concept. This 3rd person shooter game features two game modes (Team-based Zone Defense and Deathmatch), quick, casual matches, unlock and upgrade many guns, fast-paced PVP combat, and high-quality 3D graphics.

You can either choose to work together with your team in the Capture the Base-style, Zone Defense or blast your way to victory in the free-for-all Deathmatch. While offering players with a purely PVP experience with quick 5 minute matches, anyone can pick up this game and play at any time.

Players also stand a chance to possess many weapons and guns, as the game offers dozens of unique ammunitions to unlock and upgrade, including rocket launchers, plasma rifles, machine guns, SMGs and lots more.
Players have the ability to sprint and roll, and they can as well use their knockdown ability or a cover system to defeat their opponents in fast-paced, close-quartered combat. No doubt, the new multiplayer era has arrived. Get set to experience highly impressive multiplayer battles with your friends by your side. Let them see the stuff you are made of as you take on the challenge to become the most sought after bounty hunter in the entire galaxy.

For the best multiplayer shooting experience on any mobile device, play SHADOWGUN: DeadZone. You are sure to enjoy every passing moment of the game while you experience unique console-quality graphics with sharp, detailed and varied environments and an innovative, sci-fi theme. Why not take a look at the forums for more discussion on the game.

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