Skater Boy 1.18.50 MOD APK

Developer: Neworld Games Android Version:4.4 The Size:12M Current Version:1.18.50
Date:Sep 15, 2022

App Review

Skater Boy MOD is a super fun game from a reputable game development company known as MiniCard. In the game, the player is the skater boy. The skater boy soars, skateboards, jumps, and performs some little tricks with a bundle of energy. And it’s the sole responsibility of the player to ensure the safety of the skater boy as he surfs through different obstacles and stages on a skateboard ride that is a fast and furious roller-coaster.

This game has a straightforward control, as there are just two controls, which are jump and speed on the screen. And the player is going to need just these controls as he surfs through various levels and get across obstacles to collect trophies, pick up points and more. During skateboarding, the player gets to collect stars and do some tricks while in the air. In addition, there are points given for stars collected and tricks performed. The player can perform a trick by tapping the jump button on the screen will the skater boy is already in the air. While performing the tricks, there is an adrenaline pump that pops up on the screen alongside the name of tricks and the points earned.

The selection of tricks appears randomly since there isn’t much time for specific selection while in mid-air. The player also has to hit the jump button while in the air to strategically change the landing position of the board when skating down from stairs, rails, etc. The levels in the game are a little bit longer, and if the player fails to make a jump when required or falls of its skateboard, the player loses a life.


  • Simple and clear pictures
  • Three different terrains
  • 90 incredible levels
  • Cool explorable tricks

One cool thing about the game is that it has some check points along the game, so if the player falls off the board, he/she won’t have to start all over. The player will just start from the last checkpoint. This is a fast and furious game you will love to spend time playing.

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