Smashy City – Destruction Game 3.3.0 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Developer: Ace Viral Android Version:5.0 Current Version:3.3.0
Date:May 05, 2023

App Review

Smashy City MOD is a game with an exceedingly simple concept, yet there is still a fair amount of strategy to consider. If you have ever played a game that involved a giant monster, there have probably been moments where you wished you could control the creature and wreak all the havoc you want. With Smashy City, there is no limit to your ability to run completely amok, as there is an extensive lineup of legendary monsters to select from (47 in fact).

Those who have always fantasized about punching a skyscraper to the ground and crushing a house beneath their feet can compete with their friends to see who is able to smash the most city. Each monster that you have to choose from possesses a different set of skills and one of the most fun parts of the game for me was trying all of them out and finding my favorite. I was a big fan of the giant penguin character, although there are definitely a few laughs to be had by using the massive bunny.

Once you’ve gotten past the initial learning period, you are able to unlock the rampage mode and become completely indestructible. Smashing anything and everything in your path is just part of the fun, as you will surely enjoy having randomly generated city after randomly generated city to destroy.

This is an excellent game for those who wish to turn their brain off and take out some of their destructive instincts on innocent computer generated cities. Not only are you able to swat down helicopters, but you are also able to do battle with tanks, treating them as toys when necessary. I had an absolute blast playing this game and if you are in search of a more lighthearted experience, look no further than Smashy City. To learn more about other great games in this vein, add my website to your bookmarks and come back often.

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