SmithStory MOD APK 1.0.104 (Unlimited Money)

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SmithStory MOD is a role-playing game developed by Glaciwaker Entertainment. In this game, players take their grandfather’s wish to become one of the most formidable smith craftworkers. With books gathered from around the world on forging, players can have their blacksmith upgraded.

Players can gather coins by selling weapons made from forging or by defeating monsters. The more coins you collect, the greater your access to more powerful features. And also, you may enter the world ranking where you can compete with other equally talented players. Players can fight and defeat monsters, find rare artifacts and forge powerful weapons to become the most reputable smithmaker.

The game comes with certain pre-installed features;

  • Players can play game even when offline
  • Players can summon monsters and let more characters appear
  • The game allows for infinite reincarnation

The game allows for easy control via clicking or dragging. Players can use forging books to create more powerful weapons. The player ranking is available, where each player will be ranked according to their game achievement.

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