Soul Knight 5.2.2 MOD APK (Unlimited Gems)

Developer: ChillyRoom Android Version:5.1 Current Version:5.2.2
Date:May 15, 2023

App Review

For gamers, Soul Knight MOD is worth playing. ChillyRoom seems to have swept gamers off their feet with the creation of soul knight. This game is seen on Android mobile devices and iOS devices. The game came on board on the 24th of February with ChillyRoom as it’s publisher and developer.

It is interesting to matchmaking guns, music, and swordplay. Knocking out melee fighter, bullets, sword then a sniper shout out will be an interesting site. Using other tactics to cut your unexpected opponents could be satisfying also.

The game starts with compacting demons except one without premium currency who took the guiding crystal that protects the world. The room is filled with so many demons in which the actor will be there to fight them off.

Combining various weaponry like polearm, beam weapon, gas gun, and broom launcher strategy in the dungeon will redirect your tactics. Each weapon has its use different from others. Despite the sophistication of this weaponry, it lacks efficiency and compatibility strategy due to its complexity of operation such as the medieval fantasy and modern technology also fall victim of this critique.

The music of this game is a mere repetition of the dungeon music which takes 5 minutes to play out. The sound of soul Knight is lovely. The graphics used in this game is 8-bit, and it explains all you need to know about the different characters in the game. The reason gamers enjoy soul Knight game is that of the weapons used. Polearm, beam weapon, gas gun and many others are used in this game.

Each weapon with its different uses. Combining the different weapons to eliminate the demons is what gives the gamers the ability to think wise because using the wrong weapon at the wrong time will make you lose the game.

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