Space Pioneer: Alien Shooter 1.13.24 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Developer: Vivid Games S.A. Android Version:5.0 Current Version:1.13.24
Date:Sep 13, 2021

App Review

Space Pioneer: Action RPG PvP MOD – This game is all about hunting because fearsome aliens ravage the various galaxies. As a bounty hunter, your job is to go after these aliens, take them down, one after another. These aliens can attack you in multiple numbers, and you can strike them with just a single blow. With special graphic designs and music effect, this is a game that all adventure lovers will find irresistible. Apart from the unlimited quests, which you have to finish successfully, you can earn cash and upgrade your weapons and skills as you advance. The setting epic battles are in different locations, ranging from tropical areas to frosty places. To support your fight, you have a robotic sidekick, which you can also upgrade as you continue in the battle.

These aliens have conquered many galaxies and have taken possession of items owned by these galaxies. With your armory, you can dislodge the enemies and take away their cash. The cash will serve as points for enhancing your weapon upgrade. As you advance in your quests, the enemies get tougher to beat, and you must ensure you upgrade to the most effective weapons to make your strikes deadly. If you fail to upgrade your weapons, you will be no match for the aliens as you embark on each quest.

Here are some of the features of the game which players will certainly enjoy:

  • Complete various missions
  • Make money as you break down enemy territories.
  • Upgrade your skills
  • Enhance your equipment to improve deadly strike and dashes for defeating the enemy.
  • Repair abandon aircraft to speed up the completion of each mission.

With a series of mild violence, this game is suitable for children who are older than seven. The game is action filled, and players will certainly enjoy it. There are series of galaxies that need your help, and you are the only alien hunter capable of getting the job done.

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