CocoPPa Play Star Girl Fashion 2.19 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Developer: United Marketing Technologies, Inc. Android Version:5.0 The Size:32M Current Version:2.19
Date:Sep 21, 2023

App Review

Star Girl MOD is a game that allows players to discover their inner celebrity and while the concept might seem a little too Hollywood for some players, this title is actually grounded in a great deal of realism. You get to choose the career of your choice, whether it modeling, singing or acting and your first priority is to visit the Job Center, since it will serve as your main source of income. You’ll also have to start slow when it comes to finding the right man, flirting with “regulars” before getting your chance to meet celebrities. Once you’ve selected the guy that you wish to flirt with, players have three different options to take the romance further.

They can spend diamonds for a major increase or use coins for a medium increase, while energy makes for the lowest increase. Fortunately, this game is not all about meeting men and working jobs, as there are a number of fun features for players to enjoy, including:

• The chance to go out on fun dates with the men that you have always dreamed of.

• Shopping sprees that give you the opportunity to shop until you drop.

• Three enjoyable career options to select from, including actress, singer and model.

• Plentiful opportunities to earn money by completing a series of challenges and jobs.

• Engrossing mini games that provide chances to earn additional money and access to stylish clothing.

• Massive array of fashionable clothing and accessories for players to choose from.

• The ability to take photos of your character and send them to all of your friends on Facebook.

As you can see, Star Girl provides a uniquely enjoyable, highly addictive gaming experience that gives players a chance to experience the life of a celeb. For more information about other games like this one, be sure to check back regularly.

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