SW Battlefront Companion 1.0.6 MOD APK

Developer: ELECTRONIC ARTS Android Version:4.0 The Size:79M Current Version:1.0.6
Date:Feb 03, 2016

App Review

SW Battlefront Companion MOD – One of the latest in a long line of Star Wars related titles, SW Battlefront Companion offers a great gaming experience to longtime fans of the venerable film franchise and newbies alike. An interesting story or concept goes a long way and with SW Battlefront Companion, you can enjoy one of the more intriguing scripts in recent memory. The game begins sometime after the events of New Hope have taken place, as the player finds themselves on Tatooine.

Before you know it, you’ve crossed Jabba the Hut and it is time to create an alliance with Rebels or Darth Vader and the Empire or Princess Leia. While you can join the Rebel Alliance and receive access to Chewie and Han Solo, most gamers will choose to partner with the Empire, as this provides them with the advanced war machines that they will need to make the gaming experience more fun. After you decide which side to join, the game truly begins and you will begin the process of gathering your resources and constructing your base defenses. It is in your best interests to find another squad of players to team up with, so that you are not getting picked on by those who believe you to be vulnerable.

The familiar John Williams soundtrack lends a more epic feel to the proceedings and the game’s strong production values allow it to stand apart from other selections in the genre. For those who care about the licensed characters, the voice over acting is of the highest quality and your memories of the classic films will not be tainted as a result of playing. Whether you are a Star Wars aficionado or someone who simply appreciates quality gaming, Commander is the title for you. For more information about other top notch titles, you’ll want to become a regular visitor of this site.

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