Sweet Baby Girl Cleanup 5 7.0.30165 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Developer: TutoTOONS Android Version:4.4 Current Version:7.0.30165
Date:May 26, 2023

App Review

Sweet Baby Girl Cleanup 5 MOD is a game designed for children. Only very few game cherish the childhood like this one. Whether you’ve got boys or girls or both, this fun, exciting and awesome cleaning game is all you need to get them doing something. With this game, children can learn the basic life skills such as taking care of their puppy’s doghouse, fixing the swings, helping their parents in the kitchen, learning how to tidy up their rooms and lots more. As a matter of fact, every kid stands to experience and enjoy some new home adventures while playing messy house makeover.

No doubt, playing the best cleaning games for boys and girls will bring your kids lots of exhilarating fun. It all begins from the bedroom with a mission to make it clean and tidy. Then go to the bathroom, and then to the kitchen to help your parents. Your puppy is not left out as it is your duty to make him happy by cleaning up the doghouse. Head to the playground and fix the swings. The game has been improved with quite some new exciting activities such as

  • Baby girl Chloe dress up game
  • Baby house decoration
  • Super cute new swimming pool toys for summer
  • Unlock new cleaning tools with regular play
  • While in the bathroom, clean the toilet and wash the bath
  • Remember to paint the walls in the doghouse after every major cleanup
  • Get bonus coins by simply watching videos for kids

With this game, kids can develop on their screen time even while exploring the world around them. If you want to build good every day habits in children and at the same time develop their creativity and art skills, then teach them to play the cleanup and dress up games.

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