Talking Tom Pool MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

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Talking Tom Pool MOD – This is a unique game different from every other. You have a swimming pool colorful floaties so you have to put on your bathing suit. Your task is easy, you have to clear the pool to win, this will require you to match the colors. It’s easy to play, you just have to pull back and release, this will send the floaties flying around the pool.

Power-ups can allow you win even faster. The rocket will take out all floaties of similar color while the unicorn power-up will turn all floaties to be multicolored for a while. A chili pepper appearing in the pool is a chance for a big power boost. The game comes pre-installed with certain features;

  • 270 exciting levels
  • Players can earn keys on completion of levels
  • Players can explore incredible water parks
  • Party with Talking Tom

At the end of each levels, players earn keys, which can then be used to unlock and customize whatever water park of your choice. The game features all the favorite; Talking Angela, Talking Ben and Talking Hank. Prepare for battle with pirates, dragons and many more.

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