Tanktastic 3D tanks 2.8.12 MOD APK (Unlimited Gold)

Developer: Roman B. Android Version:5.1 Current Version:2.8.12
Date:Apr 23, 2023

App Review

Tanktastic 3D tanks MOD – If you are in search of a game that more than lives up to its name, Tanktastic has got you covered. Those who enjoy military based action games will find a lot to enjoy and if you came in search of fun tanks to use for a variety of purposes, Tanktastic is certainly not going to let you down. Tanktastic lends itself well to group play, as there are a wide range of environments that can be used and up to 12 players have the opportunity to duke it out.

For gamers who seek games with exceedingly simple premises that are easy to comprehend, look no further than Tanktastic. Within a few moments of choosing a lobby, you are dropped directly onto the battlefield. The control scheme is as easy as they come and even the most inexperienced gamers will find themselves becoming experts on Tanktastic in no time at all. True tank connoisseurs, you have no reason to fret, as there are 35 tank models to choose from, many of which are based on real life tank designs.

While you are going to begin the game with a more basic style of tank, battles with your friends become much more interesting once you have gained access to the other 35 models. Should you find yourself in battle against a tank that is impossible to beat, you can simply check out and head to the lobby, where you have the option of creating your own rules. The lobbies also have a private chatting option, where you can send invites to your friends and have them join your room. This game provides an awesome multiplayer experience that is not to be missed out on and if you’d like to learn more about other great games that you should be playing, be sure to come back to my website soon.

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