Temple Run 2 1.99.0 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Developer: Imangi Studios Android Version:4.4 Current Version:1.99.0
Date:May 17, 2023

App Review

Temple Run 2 MOD – The original Temple Run soared to the top of App stores across various platforms when it was first released. If finally became one of the most successful independent games ever to be created in the mobile app world after achieving more than 170 million downloads. Now, Imangi Studios has released yet another breathtaking game app – Temple Run 2.

The much- anticipated sequel is already making an extraordinary impact in the gaming world and obviously looks set to outrun its predecessor. In a bid to promote its continued popularity, the game has been enhanced with several additional features, one of which includes its widely improved graphics. In the sky setting, the lost city has been improved with much more detailed environments, including vibrant colors and structures that have added to the appeal.

Unlike the original version which features a monotonous setting, Temple Run 2 has been enhanced with a more realistic feel, thanks to the including of dynamic waterfalls and other scenic additions. While replacing the more angular terrain of the original game with curved roads and hills, the game’s landscape has experienced great improvements using the Unity development engine. While urging players to make use of a tried and tested swipe control system, the game still benefits maximally from the retention of its original control mechanics. In order to avoid various hazards along the route, such as precariously placed rocky outcrops and fire-breathing statues, users are expected to make up and down swipes and left and right swipes to make turns.

Coins and gems are the currency for the game which users pick up along with power-ups when their device is tilted towards their location.  These achievements allow you to upgrade the various abilities of unlocked characters. Instead of having to restart their game from the beginning, players can spend gems to continue from where they failed by spending gems. Get in touch with other professionals here and learn from them.

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