Tom & Jerry: Mouse Maze 2.0.17-google MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Developer: GlobalFun Games Android Version:5.0 Current Version:2.0.17-google
Date:Feb 23, 2023

App Review

Tom and Jerry Mouse Maze is a cartoon duo loved by a lot of cartoon lovers especially kids, and it is back to its cat and mouse frenzy. This game has a lot of fun in store for lovers and fans of this amazing animation. This game tends to mimic the original animation (Tom and Jerry), and it provides you with the same experience.

The player gets to play the as Jerry. There are lots of cheese all around the building, and it is your mission to collect all the cheese. But you have to be careful so you do not fall into the trap of Tom. So you have to help Jerry race through all the fun-filled stages collecting cheese while avoiding being devoured by Tom. You can also use some household items and power-ups to always stay ahead of Tom.

Game Features

  • A lot of stages and world of cheese
  • Avoid Tom and stay alive
  • Use transport tunnels and magic hats

This game is packed with lots of fun and excitement.

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