Top Eleven Be a Soccer Manager

Developer: Nordeus Android Version:5.1 --
Date:May 23, 2023

App Review

Top Eleven Be A Soccer Manager MOD is a free-to-play game produced by Nordeus. Although the game comes has Jose Mourinho’s face as its cover model, its approach to football management is quite different from that of the ‘Special One.’ Setting up an entirely fictitious club based in any city of your choice, career matches are scheduled for specific time of the day. Besides choosing a formation and deciding which players will take to the field, your primary duty in Top Eleven is to train your team and ensure that they are in good shape for the match. Training is essential in Top Eleven. Each run enhances the ability of your players and improves your skill as a coach.

There is no limit to how much you can train the players that make up your team, however, overdoing it will leave them exhausted. The only way you can get them back in shape for the match ahead is to use the in-game credit. The game is governed by the accumulation of a variety of in-game currencies that must be topped of by paying, watching adverts, or waiting for time to tick over. If your players take on a match without training, chances are they will lose. Much like real football, Top Eleven requires patience. You must make some smart decisions if you wish to take your team from the least position in the league to winning prestigious cups. Of course, this could take weeks, and that is what makes the game great.

Key Features


  • Training sessions
  • Squad management
  • Stadium development
  • Player transfers
  • Live match simulation

Top Eleven is a fun game that will keep you engaged as you will have to start up your own club and walk your way to the top. Plus, you can choose your own name, uniforms, and colors. If you play for longer and participate in matches more frequently, your team will get better, and you will end up winning more matches.

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