Trailer Park Boys:Greasy Money 1.28.0 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Developer: East Side Games Studio Android Version:5.0 Current Version:1.28.0
Date:May 24, 2023

App Review

Trailer Park Boys Greasy Money MOD is a recently launched game by East Side game studios. This game mimics a real life comedy TV show. This is an idle game where the player grows and manages businesses in the trailer park of Sunnyvale. The player makes more money and gets richer by upgrading its business and hiring workers to manage and run his businesses while the player is away.

Just like the comedy TV show, this game is sectioned into various seasons. Every season has its own objective and goals that need to be completed by the player. Sometimes the objectives are to get a certain number of customers, unlocking of new businesses, and employing more staffs. The game has two currencies it works with, and they are liquor and hash coins. The player gets either of those currencies as a reward for typically completing objectives. Sometimes the player is given a car trunk to break into, and this is the greasy money equivalent worth of card pack. What the player gets in these trunks most times is liquor or hash coins. But the player, in rare cases, can also find cards which can either be used to unlock new characters in the game or to run an upgrade on the existing character.

The player can upgrade to a character known as Trevor; this character enables the player to collect more money from his businesses. Or the player upgrade to a character known as Ricky, and this character make the player more powerful in boss fights. At the end of all the objectives in a season, the player is faced with a boss fight. The player gets to tap the screen rapidly to flip off the boss he’s fighting. At the end of it, the player gets thrown in jail and the next season begins.


  • Run Sunnyvale trailer park businesses.
  • Collect different characters as you progress.
  • Break into trucks and win hash coins.
  • Time limited events

This game is fun to play. It has an amazing user interface and graphic design. The sound is extraordinary. It also has a smooth run which enhances the game play experience.

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