Vikings: an Archer’s Journey 2.6 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Developer: PINPIN TEAM Android Version:4.3 Current Version:2.6
Date:Jul 15, 2020

App Review

Vikings: an Archer’s Journey MOD created by Pinpin Team game tells the story of Nott, a brave Viking, who is being punished by the Viking gods. The gods send her loyal wolf companion Oden into the underworld and Nott goes in search of him. A skilled archer, Nott gathers up her crew and embarks on a journey to rescue her friend from the dwelling of the deceased known also as “Helheim.” Your task is to take control of Nott as she would have to collect special arrows along the way that will be needed to defeat vicious monsters drawn straight from Nordic legends.

Nott can only complete her Odyssey with the support of Viking heroes who have fallen in battle. Once Nott finds Oder, they both have to get the Viking heroes out of hell. In the game, you will get bonuses for long shots and head shots. You need to respond quickly to enemy attacks as you dash across the snowy terrain. The game provides a variety of power-up runes -brightly colored stones with symbols- that are quite conspicuous. The power-ups include boosts like Explosive Arrows, Multi Arrows, Bullet Time and much more. So, overcome enemies by picking up runes which help you to shoot multiple arrows, and slow down time.


  • Random level generation: the game offers a new game experience every time
  • Simple controls: easy to learn but difficult to master
  • Earn top a bonus by making a group kill when the dark rises
  • Amazing soundtrack
  • Universal app with iCloud support
  • Players can challenge friends in the Google Play Center

Conclusion: If you have always wanted an infinite runner game that is both challenging and fun, then this is the game for you. Vikings: an archer’s Journey is a stunningly gorgeous game with an interesting concept that will thrill players.

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