War Planet Online: MMO Game 5.5.1 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Developer: Gameloft SE Android Version:5.0 Current Version:5.5.1
Date:May 15, 2023

App Review

War Planet Online MOD is a military strategy game developed by Gameloft where players fight for supremacy. The world is at war, so brave Generals must engage in battle, leading their armies toward global conquest. This fight takes place in different locations that can be found on a real world map. You need to build your base, protect your territory from enemy invasion and lead your troop to conquer the globe. Choose a commander and work with them to build an HQ. Developing this stronghold through expansions for research, weapons and other useful facilities helps you to level up and ultimately prepares you for the war.

Once you are fully equipped for the war, you can battle with different players around the globe. Some generals will clash with you as rivals, and some will join you and your clan. Even though you will need to join forces with other experienced Generals to form formidable alliances, you must keep in mind that only one general can reign supreme. Prepare, come up with brilliant strategies and launch attacks against enemies across the globe.

Key Features

  • Play with thousands of real mobile players around the world.
  • Communicate with both friends and foes in the global chat as you work to expand your empire.
  • Create and order massive war machines like battle tanks, mobile artillery and big boom-dropping bombers.
  • Build your own unique war base in a customizable mobile experience.
  • Forge a clan, strategize and plan your strike together.
  • Order your commander to launch attacks, then power them up to get the boom.
  • Call on your clan for reinforcement in the middle of a fierce battle.
  • Clash with the viciousness of modern Vikings in real-time PvP warfare.

Conclusion: War Planet Online is quite engaging as players have a lot to build and master in the game. There are a variety of rewards to unlock as well.

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