War Robots Multiplayer Battles 9.1.1 MOD APK (Unlimited Everything)

Developer: UPWAKE.ME Android Version:5.1 Current Version:9.1.1
Date:May 18, 2023

App Review

War Robots Multiplayer Battles MOD – After several years of desperate gamers imploring Pixonic to produce a phone and potable friendly version of the Walking War Robots game they did in 2015. The present incarnation of War Robots works for IOS and Android and has been adjusted so that users of both phone platforms can compete against each other. The game offers four battle maps, 13 robots with different skills, and 19 different weapons with more additions promised for 2022.

The idea is to pick the robot and equip it thoroughly so that you can blast the stuffing out of every other robot and collect beacons. You get guns, rockets, plasma weapons, lasers, and shields for some but not all robots. Beacons and gold allow the player to acquire an infinite supply of robots. The presentation on a phone screen is absolutely like the original game. There can be 12 players fighting on the same screen and the player can see all of the action easily and in high resolution detail. There are six players on each side and the player gets to select the other players on their side from those who are presently playing the game. The time limits of the original game have been preserved. The ten minute duration of each battle allows the player more than enough time to have fun blasting away and to develop the strategic skills needed to advance in the game.

The player that dies can resume play with another robot they have in stock, leave the game, or watch the fun. You need to think of Star Wars sped up and with teeth to get the feel of what War Robots is like if you have never played the game. You get bonuses for playing that include weapons, more robots, and fighting skill advantages. Play and join two million players. Live out your robotic fantasies for free. Come back to our site and let us know how your robots fared in this totally involving adaptation for your phone gaming time.

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