Wild Things: Animal Adventure MOD APK (Infinite)

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Developer: Jam City, Inc. Android Version:5.0 and up The Size:93M Current Version:
Date:18 July 2018

App Review

Wild Things: Animal Adventure MOD – The new match-3 title Safari Smash launched by Jam City company which was formerly known as SGN is a blast. Almost every lover of puzzles is going wild for the game. While implementing the collecting metagame in the form of building homes for animals and rebuilding wildlife, the USP of the match-3 adventure game is quite inspiring. In a bid to present a storyline and metagame, a non-player lion character (NPC) is seen talking about the wildlife park. This is done prior to introducing the core gameplay to any player. To this end, players get to have a firsthand experience of what to face on first launch.

Left all alone to survive in despair, animals are hiding in the savannahs and jungles hoping for an unrealistic salvation. No doubt, they need help to make it out from the obvious state of disrepair. They need more than a rescuer to help rebuild their dearly loved safari parks and you have been chosen for the task. Get on a rescue mission into the wild with your furry friends to collect magic leaves to liberate them. Other exciting features in the game include

  • Deliver tender animals like frogs from the crushing mouths of hippos and other dangerous obstacles.
  • Gather enough bamboo to feed the baby panda.
  • Discover the parakeets are trapped free them.
  • Help mama penguin retrieve her eggs.
  • Help the tortoise beat the hare in the race.
  • Earn magic leaves as you make your way through challenging match-3 puzzles.
  • Discover where Safari Chests are kept and open them to earn rewards.

You can surely become the hero nature wants you to be! So what are you still waiting for? Why not launch out explore the amazing wonders of Safari Smash today and do not forget to carry along your sunscreen.

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