Wizard of Oz Slots Games 207.0.3267 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Developer: Zynga Android Version:4.4 Current Version:207.0.3267
Date:May 12, 2023

App Review

Wizard of Oz Slots Games MOD is a classic throwback to the movie of the twentieth century. Many were fortunate to see the movie and can, therefore, relate to the story line. However, for those who weren’t born at the time the movie was released and haven’t watched it since, you can have a feel of what it truly means to encounter the Wizard of Oz. All you need to do is earn enough free points to get to him.

With enhanced graphics, borrowing from the graphic template of the movie, your focus will be on the number of spins you can use in earning more points. The characters of the movie are well represented, and you can choose any to represent you, ranging from Dorothy to the Cowardly Lion. Also, you must play strategically as you travel through the long yellow bricks to see the cleverly concealed wizard in his hiding place. Moreover, you can hasten your speed by earning more free spins as you take your journey closer to discovering how this appraised wizard looks like.

You have come to enjoy the magical turf of a spinning game in a casino. Apart from earning more points, you can also focus on getting the jackpot through your clever play. There are huge payouts you can get, making you a big contender in the game as you earn enough credits to make you go for more free spins. There are no restrictions to the what you can earn as points as you edge closer to seeing the seemingly faceless wizard that wants everyone to believe he doesn’t exist. You will keep on playing to ensure you unravel the mystery of his false disappearance.

Here are a few features of the game:

  • Choose from any of your favorite movie characters to spin your way to the discovery of the wizard
  • Earn free spins to make you a contender for huge pay outs
  • Become a professional spinner to beat the clever wizard in his own game

If you want to have the aura of a wizard/witch and learn how to stay focused, this is the game to have on your mobile device. You will come against a wizard that uses mystical powers and a good measure of skills to conceal his existence. Your intelligence and rapt attention to detail will finally reveal to you this evil genius.

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