Wonder Tactics 1.8.0 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Developer: Com2uS Android Version:4.1 Current Version:1.8.0
Date:Feb 15, 2021

App Review

Wonder Tactics MOD one of the newest RPG strategy game by Com2uS. This game takes the player on a quest of over 150 dungeons. And the player can conquer these quest across three different modes. Wonder Tactics also made available for players 250 heroes to engage in battle with as they as they embark on the quest to put an end to all evil.

Tactically this game features a unique grid strategy that makes it to be more engaging than other games of the same genre. The part of the title “Tactics” actually represent how the heroes fight their enemies on 3×3 grids. The player’s heroes line up on a 3×3 grid that is separate from the 3×3 grid of the opponent. How you stack your heroes is very important because the hero that leads the formation will be the one to collect the hits of the enemies’ attacks. While your other heroes will be untouched. This requires a lot of strategies from the player. Despite the strategic placing of your heroes, the special abilities of your characters have effect only on a certain aspect of your enemies’ 3×3 grid board.

One of your characters can shoot ice-blast across the squares of your enemy, or you can have a character that is fire-based that damages enemy lines with fire. All the heroes have a unique special ability, and the player has to use them in battles strategically. Whenever the player uses defensive, healing or attack ability, a short cool down time is activated, before the player can use the ability again. Choosing the perfect ability to use is very important because your enemies won’t wait for you once the battle begins.

Game Features include

  • Cooperate to complete missions
  • Daily boss raid
  • A whole new depth of RPG
  • Legendary hero guaranteed

Wonder Tactics has a surprisingly captivating experience. The game also has a realistic physics and graphics to enhance the gameplay experience. The controls are also straightforward, and the UI is user-friendly.

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