Words With Friends Crosswords 19.001 MOD APK

Developer: Zynga Android Version:6.0 Current Version:19.001
Date:Jan 19, 2023

App Review

Words With Friends Crosswords MOD is one of the exciting yet educational games that’s highly beneficial for children and adults alike. As a player, you are tasked with crafting words that you can find in the dictionary. This game is not restricted to English speakers and learners, as there are other languages that this game features. Languages such as French, German, Portuguese and a host of others.

This game serves as a learning hub for many participants, and you can meet geniuses from the different parts of the world and engage in a word challenge. This word challenge opens you to new words that are not in your vocabulary. As much as you can, develop your word capacity and see if you can truly match the knowledge of persons who have mastered the use of the English language. Knowledge alone isn’t good enough to make you the boss that everyone would want to send an invite for a word challenge. Speed is also required in the course to become a contender in this game. You’re required to think fast and act fast.

Another interesting part of the game is that you can have a close chat with your friends. You discuss your reactions towards the different words that are added to the English vocabulary daily. This game has been designed to function as a hub for all nationalities to come together and learn new words, which will be added to your existing vocabulary

Some of the features of this game are listed below:

  • Build your rank as a player as you learn to become a tough opponent for others.
  • Come across word challenges and see if you can handle them.
  • Add new words to your existing vocabulary.

If you would like to stretch the level of your intellectual capacity to reach many ends, this is the right game to have, as you are open to a series of new words. You also learn how to think fast and make decisions very quickly at critical moments whenever you are placed on a hot spot.