World at Arms 4.2.4d MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Developer: Gameloft SE Android Version:4.0.3 The Size:34M Current Version:4.2.4d
Date:May 25, 2018

App Review

World at Arms MOD – Are you the sort of person who fancies yourself as an armchair war general? If so, World at Arms just might be the perfect game for you. With World at Arms, you have the opportunity to create your own army, as well as your own base. The formula for this game may seem quite common, but World at Arms reviews breathes fresh life into the process. The game has an objective that is very easy to grasp: there is an evil organization named KRA and they are threatening the existence of the free world. Your job is to ensure that democracy is preserved and that the KRA is not able to impede further human achievement.

Not to worry, though, this game is not overly political and once you get past the main plot line, it is all about improving your bases and training your soldiers so that you are ready to kick some serious butt. Every structure in the game has a purpose, which serves to keep players busy. Battles are typically brutal, so it behooves you to take the time necessary to ensure that you are truly ready for them. Otherwise, you may end up with poorly trained soldiers that do not have the proper aircraft or vehicles to handle the task at hand. I particularly enjoyed the fact that World at Arms always provides the gamer with a different activity.

There is never a shortage of things to do and since you can produce cash at a fairly steady clip, base expansion is made easy and missions are also assigned at a regular pace. World at Arms is one of the more impressive entries in a crowded genre and I had a great time learning more about the world it contains. You’ll also have a great time learning more about a variety of other games, so be sure to come back for repeat visits.

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