Wrestling Revolution 3D

Developer: MDickie --
Date:Feb 05, 2023

App Review

“Wrestling Revolution” is the mobile wrestling game that has been downloaded over 60 MILLION times! Now in its 3rd dimension, the game features both aspects of the business in one epic universe. A wrestling career challenges you to take shots in the ring, while a “booking” career allows you to call the shots backstage – promoting entertaining matches every week for ratings. Seeing each side of the curtain gives you an even better appreciation for the other, and ensures you’ll never grow bored of wrestling again!”

And if playing Pro isn’t enough, a separate “Backstage Pass” allows you to make changes to all 9 rosters before pitting your team against each other in dream matches. With 4 pages of rules to mix & match – including up to 20 wrestlers in rings of any shape or size – the only limit is your imagination. You can also revisit the 8 weeks of supercards from the game’s promotional tour. Not to mention the interactive training process that teaches you how to lock up in the first place.

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