Zgirls 1.2.90 MOD APK (Free Purchase)

Developer: Star Ring Game Limited Android Version:4.1 Current Version:1.2.90
Date:Sep 19, 2023

App Review

As the zombies approach, you must take action and defend yourself! Don’t want to simply wait for death? Call up your school girls! Over 30 million players are waiting to play with you across the globe. The war has only just begun…
After a outbreak of a genetically modified virus, the world is now overrun with zombies. The last human survivors are barricaded inside a school, and you are their leader. Here, you can collect and train young girls with different talents to be your zombie hunters. They’re ready to go out and eliminate zombies for you.
A huge wave of zombies is coming and you’re the last hope of saving the world!
• Upgrade your base to resist all kinds of raids from zombies and foes
• Manufacture ultimate equipment to support your forces even better
• Abundant quests and events help you quickly develop
• Play with friends or foes among players from all over the world

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