ZIC: Zombies in City 0.58b MOD APK (Unlimited Money & Gems)

Developer: IO Games Ltd. Android Version:4.0.3 Current Version:0.58b
Date:Nov 30, 2017

App Review

ZIC: Zombies in City MOD – Are you ready to walk and do battle in the land of the living dead? Then, try out the updated version of the ZIC: Zombie in City and become a zombie killer.

The plot of the game is thus; the city is infected by a zombie virus that has turned everyone into a walking dead. It is a massive zombie apocalypse. Four characters come together to resist the zombie attack. Their sole ambition is to survive this onslaught. Their friends have all been taken away by the virus and they are determined to exert revenge.

The zombies attack without warning, at night and out of the fog, spreading the zombie virus to the land of the living. The four characters are the only hope for humanity. ZIC; Zombie in City is an action game designed by IO Games Limited. The updated version even adds greater twist and thrill to the game. The survivors are involved in a plane crash and then trapped on an island. The Island is filled with terror and horrors, as the survivors later found out. The zombie action is intense.

Other pre-installed features that come with the game includes;

  • Endless and exciting storyline
  • Wide selection of guns and other lethal weapons for killing zombies
  • 4 zombie killers with different characters and history
  • Colorful location
  • A companion loyal dog in the new upgrade

It is important to note that the game contains adult contents; murder scenes and bloody scenes. It is therefore pertinent to keep the game away from children.

Over 5,000 people have reviewed it on Google Play, with 4000 giving it a five (5) star rating and 400 people giving it a four (4) star rating. Overall, it’s ranking on Google Play is 4.6. Currently, it has over one million downloads and its content rating is 12+. The game requires Android 4.0.3 and above.

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