Zombie Shooter 3.4.4 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Developer: 8Floor Games Android Version:7.0 The Size:40M Current Version:3.4.4
Date:Aug 22, 2023

App Review

In Zombie Shooter MOD, you will find the opportunity to shoot and kill as many zombies as possible to prevent them from taking over the world. The game features a full story that makes the game feel as real as possible. In the course of carrying out your main objective of wiping out all traces of zombies, you will also come across additional tasks. Of course you are not expected to wipe them out with your bare hands. There is an arsenal of weapons for your use. There are all kinds of weapons, from plasma guns to assault rifles. This is what makes the game very interesting.

There is nothing as fulfilling as firing at zombies and seeing their heads roll off. You will have the opportunity to kill as many zombies as possible but do not get too near. To help you accomplish your objectives, it offers so many boosters like medical kits, armors, implants, grenades and nanobots just to mention a few. The game feels like watching a movie and also playing a part in it. Some additional equipment have recently been added and the promo codes activation issue has been fixed.

This means more fun for players. Even though there are countless weapons in your arsenal, some weapons are simply amazing. The disc cutter is capable of mowing down up to 6 zombies at once. What about the rocket launcher? One shot can paint a room all red without leaving a single soul alive. Why won’t it be addictive? Everything about this game seems perfect. Is it the sound track? or the sound of each weapon as they are being unleashed? All fantastic.

What about the whole graphics? It is simply out of the world. Since the zombies advance faster than you think, the responsiveness of the game controllers cannot be over appreciated. More than 5 million players cannot be lying. So what are you waiting for? why not join the league of Zombie Shooters and save the world from Zombie invasion on GameFid.

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