Zombie Tsunami 4.5.116 MOD APK (Unlimited Money & Unlocked)

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Current Version:4.5.116

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Zombie Tsunami MOD – Zombie hordes are quite funny. You normally think of them as being a single interconnected unit, each of them coming together to create an army with an ant-like focus. Zombie Tsunami is a blissfully silly platform runner which is similar to Jetpack Joyride. The primary aim of this game is to build your zombie horde by munching on the brains of civilians while avoiding obstacles. It shares similar controls with Jetpack Joyride as well.

The game works with the size of the zombie horde by sending more obstacles your way as your horde gets larger. Gather your horde of over 30 zombies, and you will soon find it reduced to three or four by chasms and bombs that are thrown in your way. The restriction makes the game more challenging and also prevents players from zooming through each round. The in-game market offers cosmetic changes for hats, power-ups, and other gameplay bonuses. They can either be gotten with coins the zombies collect during every round or even by buying coin packs from Mobigame.

You can control your own pack of zombies when you rip through town, converting humans into the undead to increase your horde quickly to unstoppable sizes. Players start out with just one zombie and move along the streets where freaked civilians quake in fear anticipating the oncoming zombie tsunami. Some of the people will be standing in the open, implying that one zombie will be sufficient to add them by simply running into them, while others will be in vehicles. Different cars have a different number of requirements for toppling. That’s why a small vehicle will only require four zombies to overpower (to which you’ll get more zombies added to your horde).

If you do not have the numbers, you will have to jump over the zombies to avoid being squashed since the level doesn’t stop moving forward. As well as the tasty, human snacks, you will also be on guard for other obstacles which include vehicles that will not give you a zombie.

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